Our engine team are highly experienced professionals with background experience in Engine MRO, Airline Powerplant Management, Lessor and OEM environments. Knowledge base extends to all mainstream engine types in operation today.

Engine Services


  • MRO induction planning and table inspections
  • Engine build and workscope planning
  • Lease transition management
  • Engine documentation review
  • Back-to-birth trace investigation for major life-limited components
  • Service Bulletin and Airworthiness Directive review
  • Engine inventory and physical inspection reporting
  • Borescope report and Engine Health Monitoring reviews
  • Engine fleet forecasting – Engine overhaul
  • Technical representation at OEM conferences
  • Environmental operating studies


  • Maintenance reserve claim review
  • Invoice review
  • Warranty and insurance claim management or review
  • Maintenance cost forecasting
  • Fleet modification cost analysis
  • Lease return cost management


  • MRO selection and negotiation
  • Lease contract review
  • Spare engine/pool agreement negotiations